Sunday, 1 July 2012

Summer dressing tips!

Summer season seems difficult to manage as it comes with many problems like bad hair days, sun tan, and others. Therefore, it becomes difficult for style conscious men and women to look as great as during the other season of the year. Humid atmosphere and critical temperature make dressing a complicated matter. One has to think twice before wearing any attire as sweat and humid weather may ruin the entire look. However with tips that I have listed below, you can dress rightly during this hot weather.

Clothing: During the hot weather, everyone loves to wear something that gives a soothing feel to the wearer. So, it's good to go for light fabrics and cool hues. Women can beat the scorching heat and look fashionable too, by wearing maxi dresses, short tunics, and floral printed tops paired with cotton trousers or shorts. So to look great and keep yourself at ease, wear light and comfortable clothes. Skirts are also a good choice for girls in the summer season. Boys can attain an uber-cool look by wearing stylish tees with shorts or trousers. 

Footwear: Choose footwear that helps keep your feet relaxed during the hot weather. Airy and comfortable shoes like sandals, loafers, and ballet flats are just right to exhibit style during the hot season. Don’t go for shoes that cover your feet completely. Open-toe sandals and floaters are a good choice to keep your feet relaxed and look cool. Pick cool shades!

Prefer online shopping for buying your summer fashion add-ons instead of making physical rounds in the market.

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