Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Leggings are a must-have for every girl. This versatile garment is highly famous among the girls of all age groups, as it can be teamed up instantly with almost every dress and can be worn in any season. However, spring and summer seasons are considered the best time to wear leggings. Ethnic kurtas look best when paired up with trendy leggings. One can easily find runway models donning the leggings with long tank tops, stylish accessories, and bright colored sandals. These runway fashionistas have made this versatile garment even more popular among women.

Some tips for wearing leggings rightly are given below:
1      1)  Always buy a perfect-fit legging as otherwise it would make you look awful.
2      2) As leggings expose the extreme parts of your body, you must consider your size before  buying them. If you have heavy thighs, wear leggings with long t-shirts or kurtas. Don’t wear them with short tees. 
3) Pick monochromatic leggings to match with colorful tunic to attain a chic look. 
4) If you want to wear a jacket, ensure that it’s not too short. Your jacket should cover your hips when worn over the leggings. 
5) You can pair a legging with a short skirt or even with other short dresses.
6    6) Woolen or thick cotton leggings are best suited for the winter season while for the summer season you must pick leggings in stretchy materials that are much more airy.          
Keep pace with the latest trends and pick the new styles in women’s leggings to update your look.            

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