Sunday, 24 November 2013

Allen Solly Clothing for Women- chic and cool always!

My friend is a big brand maniac. She will spend thousands every month just after clothing and footwear. In her wardrobe, you will find amazing clothes and shoes from different brands (known and unknown). Last summer, she came with a bag full of tops from some brand which I had hardly heard.

When I saw here choices, I was like “What is wrong with you?’’ She kept on staring at my face for a while and then her expression changed. She couldn’t resist buying them because the retailer from where she purchased those clothes had proudly named the brand as some very popular one. She was fooled then.

The tops were ok types and didn’t resemble any brand quality considering their cost. I consoled my friend saying that she could use them as nightwear. But her frustration grew stronger as evening arrived. She wanted to deviate her mind to something and shopping online came out as the best option to her.

She called me up to the drawing room where she was surfing Allen Solly dresses for women. She was totally amazed at the range. After consulting me, she ordered two of them.

After two days, I got a call from her saying that she likes those two Allen Solly women wear and have gained few compliments too. But this was not the end of the story. She grew curious and asked me to order two Allen Solly tops for her. She is now a fan of this brand and has things counted on her fingers to purchase more from it!