Monday, 9 July 2012

Stylish ways to wear hoodies!

Hoodies and zip-ups are stylish and most essential garments to get the warmth and comfort you require. Boys just love to wear hoodies as they help them attain a sporty look. However, hoodies for girls may sometimes become confusing. Hoodies look more like gym clothes or sportswear, if one doesn’t know how to wear them to look fashionable. To look chic while wearing a hood sweatshirt or t-shirt, one needs to get more creative. Here are some ways to wear hoodies in a fashionable manner:

11) To make your hoodie look more chic instead of athletic, wear it under a cool jacket. Layering is a good option to wear hoodies. You can try a thinner hoodie under a jacket or wear a pullover hoodie under a zip hoodie. The options for layering are endless. You just need to be more creative to try out new styles.
22) You can wear a zip hoodie over the girly dresses as well to add warmth. It would be really interesting to see someone juxtaposing the athletic hoodie with the sexy dresses. Try a hoodie with knee-length dresses and you can also wear a scarf to add warmth along with style.
33) A casual look can be well achieved by pairing your hoodie with jeans or trousers. Add more style to your ensemble by wrapping a stylish scarf around your neck and wear complementing shoes. This look is just right to flaunt a casual look in your college campus anytime you want.

Use your creativity to wear hoodies in the most stylish ways.                    

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